Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Back from the Dead

I was searching through my old blog posts for a picture from years ago. As I quickly scanned through, I stopped briefly on a few posts and was amazed at how few details I could remember from different events or blog posts. Many of them were seemingly small moments in time. Unimportant. Trivial. Yet at the same time, they were memories and thoughts that I would never recall otherwise. I've had thoughts of guilt that I haven't kept up with my blogging. Guilt over the expectations I had for myself as a parent to record my children's lives. I started out strong with Owen, continued some with Elsie and have failed miserably with Hazel. Yet it's not the guilt that is bringing me back. It's the feeling of finality. Of our feeble, temporal, imperfect minds that cannot hold everything in. The big events, I hope I will always remember. But it's those day to day moments - the seemingly mundane - that are the collection of your life, that will easily be forgotten if they aren't recorded. So I'm reviving this blog and coming back from the dead. I'm planning on starting from today. If I get a moment to go back and want to, I may. But I can't allow the unwritten past to overwhelm me from today. Hopefully my shiny new computer will motivate me as well. Nothing better than blogging from bed, right? ;)

My preeeeeeciouuuussssss.....