Sunday, January 26, 2014


Since we moved to Lehi last March, our condo down in Provo has just been sitting there. Empty. We talked some of getting renters, and while I was open to the idea, I wasn't too excited. I really didn't want to be a landlord. And honestly, I just wanted to be done with it and sell it. However, we had some thing that still needed to be done (paint the doors, replace the carpet, patch large holes in the walls, etc.) before we felt comfortable listing it and having it show well. Unfortunately, when we moved, Miles was working an inordinate amount of time and I was taking care of two kids while trying to get settled into our new home. So neither of us was really available to get the work done. Occasionally I would bring it up (bitterly) and say we needed to do something about it so we weren't just paying two mortgages every month. We had a friend give a bid to do the work and we were about to jump on it when we got an interesting offer...from Miles's parents. They mentioned they might be interested in buying our condo, as they are often in Utah for a good 4-6 months out of the year (on and off) and have been wanting to have their own space while they are up here. After we gave them a sale's price and they looked the place over, they accepted. I was ecstatic that it was no longer a constant worry in the back of my mind. AND...we would no longer be making two mortgage payments each month! Yay! We came to an agreement that they would start making payments in November and purchase it sometime in the near future. Well, that future is here and it is officially in their names as of last week. Hurray! I hope they are as happy as I am. :)

I have to say, it's actually kind of nice thinking of them "living" there. Our condo in Provo holds a lot of special memories for our family. It was a good place for us in starting our married life, and our family. We made a lot of good friends, had positive experiences, and were happy with the location and our neighbors. I love that even though it will be different and is no longer ours, that we can still visit our first home.