Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Midnight Moments

I just got home from my book club and went downstairs to check on Owen before heading to bed. I saw his closet door was open, and being slightly freakish about it, I had to close it. I think the noise woke him because I heard a little sound. When I walked over to his crib, I could see that he was awake. I gently stroked his hand and said, "Good night, baby boy." He quietly whispered, "Tickle me..." and unzipped the top of his jammies so I could tickle his chest and tummy. I tickled him for a minute, zipped him up, stroked his face and said, "Good night." He quickly wrapped his arms around my hand and forearm, and turned to the side hugging me tightly. Then he said, "You're stuck. You have to wait for Daddy to come help you." I said, "I don't think Daddy will come help me." He said, "Yes he will!" And I slipped out of his grasp. I again said, "I love you, sweet boy. Good night," and started to walk away. He called, "Mommy...tickle me." And as requested, I gave him a few more tickles. As I was finally able to get closer to leaving his room, he said, "Mommy..." and I again returned to see what he needed. He whispered something that I couldn't hear. I asked him what he said. In a quiet, sly, whispered voice I heard, "Can you put the iPad in my bed?" I gave a muffled laugh and said, "Can I put the iPad in your bed?!...No." And he started to giggle. As I walked out of the room, I heard, "Can you put the iPad in my bed?" followed by little giggles, repeated about five times.

Sweet midnight moments I don't want to forget...
(Picture taken a different night of my sleeping boy)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


About a month ago I decided to commit to doing the Insanity 60 day challenge. I figured that I could do anything for 60 days, right? Well, it's been tough! The first day I did a Fit Test to see where I was at with some of the basic exercises that are done in the program. I thought I was going to die. Seriously. I could hardly do some of the moves and kind of wanted to throw up when it was done. Let's just say I was starting from lower than ground zero in terms of exercise. But my coach and friend, Megan Potter, told me to go for it and she thought I could do it.

So here I am. Three and a half weeks into it. I definitely still struggle doing some of the moves (mostly the ones involving push-ups) but already I have seen huge improvements. My form is far better, my stamina is greater, and I don't want to die. Well, at least most days I don't. ;)

The hard part for me is that my patellar tendonitis from my high school volleyball days is acting up. I woke up today with a very achey knee. But I'm still pushing through. I try to listen to my body and go a little easier on moves that would further aggravate my knee, but I'm not giving up.

And you know, even if I don't lose a ton of weight at the end of this, I know that I'm doing something that is good for my body. And while there are days I'd happily pass on my workout, I always feel proud of myself and good about a finished workout.

Sometimes Owen likes to do exercises with me. I love it when he validates me by saying, "It's really hard!" Yes, is.

But truly, the best thing about doing this. Is the instructor, Shaun T. I was talking to Kerry (who has done the Insanity workouts before) and said, "Sometimes, Shaun T really reminds me of Kyle." She immediately agreed. She said she was so happy that I said that because she had thought the same thing and wondered if it was crazy. We both noticed that his mannerisms and the way he talks is reminiscent of our brother. Kerry said, "I like it when I do Insanity because when I see him I think, 'Hi Kykie!'" After we discussed this, the next day when I was working out I got a little emotional. It was as though it made it that much more real to me that he was like Kyle. It definitely makes it more enjoyable to feel as though I am working out with my long lost brother. :)

Here is a picture of Owen doing some exercises with me:

And one of me dripping after a workout. Insanity causes a serious sweat!

Here's to another 6 weeks of INSANITY!