Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Numero Tres: 18 weeks

We had our big ultrasound today where they measure everything and check the baby's organs, growth and development. All was well. Baby is still a girl and measuring just about on track (2 days ahead) of my due date. I LOVE being able to see her. It's so fun to see how much she has grown and developed. I am in awe of human life and our ability to procreate. God is miraculous.

I had an appointment with Dr. Savage following the ultrasound. She said that everything must have looked good since she didn't hear anything to the contrary from the tech. It's always reassuring to know your baby is doing well. I mentioned to her that I was a little worried because I started feeling the baby move around 15.5 weeks but was anxious to see the ultrasound because I would go long periods of time without feeling movements. She told me that she wouldn't worry about that at all at this point and doesn't even ask about movement until the next appointment. Apparently, she's doing well anyway because she was a very squirmy little thing during the ultrasound and I didn't feel it!
Nothing else significant happened.

I mentioned to her that I was worried about my weight gain (as in too much). She told me she wasn't concerned at all and I was well within an acceptable range. I tried to take her word for it. I also told her that I wanted to start a health challenge group. I told her it was basically just eating healthy, avoiding processed sugar and exercising. She said it all sounded good to her except the "counting calories" part. She said that I shouldn't be worrying about that while pregnant. I asked her what an acceptable amount of weight gain would be each week and how many calories I should be consuming. She said the weight gain part is hard because about 1 lb a week is typical, but you don't always gain it that way. Sometimes you gain nothing and other times you gain more. She also suggested I try to eat at least 2000 calories, and up to 2500. That sounds like a ton to me! I guess I'll just try to eat intuitively and take what my body needs. Mostly I just want to do this challenge so I can try to stick to healthy habits and not just let it all go "just because I'm pregnant and I can." I'm hoping this will help with that.

Oh, and lastly, I just remembered one reason why I love being pregnant - I don't have to wash my hair nearly as often. I can go a good three days without even needing to worry about it! This is huge for me. I used to be a wash everyday kind of girl. :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Numero Tres: 15 weeks Gender Ultrasound

Today was the day! I was so excited. I asked the kids in advance what they were hoping for - a brother or a sister. Owen said he wanted a brother, and Elsie concurred. I told my parents what they had said and Owen overheard me say, "Yeah, I'm sure Owen will be ok if it's another sister." Owen quickly responded with, "No. Not ok. Only a brother!" As for Miles and I, I don't think either of us cared. Again, I'd love the whole second son thing (to continue to tradition of five lines of second sons on Miles' side), but I just don't have strong opinions on it anymore. I can't imagine I would love my child any more or less dependent upon their gender. I don't know if we will have any more children after this. There is a LOT to consider in making that decision. So this could be our last. And with that thought in mind, it's hard to not feel some sadness that Owen or Elsie might not have the experience of having a sibling of their same gender. But I also don't think it has to matter that much. I just want to encourage strong, loving bonds between siblings no matter what.

I had Owen wear blue and Elsie wear pink to show support for their gender (with stereotypical colors of course). ;)

We all headed to the doctor's office that morning as a family. I was excited to bring the kids too so they could see the baby and it might be a little more real to them. As soon as the baby showed up on the screen, Owen said, "It's a girl." The tech said, "How'd you know? Because it has a brain?" Miles rolled his eyes at at that joke. After we saw that the baby did in deed have a brain, she moved around to get a good view of the genitals. Owen asked, "Does it have clothes on?" She said, "Nope. It's swimming around naked in there." Then she announced...."It's a GIRL." Owen said in a very Eeyore voice, "I'm going to be the only boy...."

Honestly, I was kind of shocked. I don't usually get strong intuitions regarding the gender of my children. But this time I kept feeling like it was a boy. I was very wrong...and totally ok with it. Later I told Owen that he is such a good big brother and asked him how he felt about having another sister. He said, "I'll teach the baby lots of things! Like not to hit, or punch, or scratch, or pinch, or be mean to others." I guess he's over his sadness and ready to be the best big brother to his TWO little sisters. I sure do love that sweet boy!

Here is baby GIRL's sweet little head and arm in the top picture, and profile in the second.

I also asked the kids what we should name her. Elsie said, "Poopy," and Owen said, "Spit." Maybe I won't be seeking their input after all.

After the appointment, we stopped by for a quick visit to see Great Grandpa (Grandma was busy). We sure do love them, and are so happy they live closer to us now!

And lastly, is the obligatory belly shot. This picture was taken by Owen. Not too shabby for an almost five year old. :)

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Numero Tres: 14 weeks

I really hate how far apart all the appointments are. It makes it feel like forever in between each appointment, and while not a lot changes in between, I just want more updates...or something. I don't know.

Anyway, this last month morning sickness really kicked in. I didn't have a lot of complaints up until about 11 weeks. I had even mentioned to the doctor at my previous appointment that my morning sickness felt so minimal that it was almost concerning. Well...I needn't have worried. Around 11 weeks it kicked in full force. Which is kind of odd considering it's close to that time that people stop feeling as sick. And I know I can't complain because I wasn't puking my guts out, nor feeling miserable from the moment of conception like some people do. But it has still been a pretty miserable few weeks. My kids are definitely watching their fair share of TV. And while I don't think they mind, I do. I'm just hoping it will pass soon so we can get back into a routine, I can start working out again, and that I can actually enjoy this pregnancy.

These are the notes I wrote at 13w4d:
"I'm excited to feel movement. I probably won't for another few weeks though. I'm not in maternity clothes yet, but I'm getting uncomfortable in my clothes. I want to live in my PJs or maxi skirts all day. I wore a pair of my pants with top button undone all day one time. I didn't even want the rubber band. But that's mostly because of not feeling awesome and not liking the pressure. I usually take off my bra early in the night because of the same reason."

My appointment was fairly uneventful. Dr. Savage found the heartbeat quickly this time, which was expected since the baby has grown. I mentioned that I was feeling some pain in my pelvic/groin area. Sometimes it is so painful just to walk and I have to sit down and relax. She said it was ligament pains. I said, "Already?! At 14 weeks???" I was surprised because I'm not even that big or carrying a lot of weight. She kindly reminded me that it's my third pregnancy and I'm also older than I was the last time. Ok...I guess things can change a lot in just a few years time. I guess it also surprised me because I'm healthier than the last two times. But c'est la vie. I honestly canNOT imagine have 5,6,8,10(!) children. How do women do it?! Well, I'm sure most of them start when they're a lot younger. But still. I stand in awe.

I'm going in next week for the gender check. Miles thinks I'm ridiculous because I can't wait another few weeks. The US tech tells people to come between 16 and 20 weeks. But I went in at 15 with Elsie, so I'm doing it again! I'm just WAY too impatient and can't wait to find out. I hope the baby cooperates so the tech will be sure! :)